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There are a number of things which can impact your auto insurance, be it your age to moving to a new place to your car’s security features, and so on.

Most importantly the number 1 reason which effects your auto insurance premium is your driving record therefore, if you get a ticket anywhere in the state of California, your auto insurance rates are most likely to increase.

Here’s a look at how auto insurance rates are determined in CA and how tickets can affect your premium:

  • Driving Record: The most important factor which goes into determining your auto insurance premium is your driving record. The people with good driving records pay less auto insurance in comparison to those with poor driving records. Drive cautiously next time!

  • Car Type and Model: Have you bought a new car, equipped with all the latest wheels, horns, indicators which are designed to keep you safe from injury and keep thieves at bay with its top quality? You’ll see more savings on your car insurance compared to any sports cars or any older models. This is surely food for thought!

  • Sex: No this is not about being racist but if you’re a man, there’s a good chance you’ll be paying more for auto insurance over the course of your lifetime which if you were a woman isn’t the case.

  • Age: It’s a known fact that older drivers have more experience in comparison to the younger drivers. Therefore, younger drivers between the age groups of 16 to 25 are likely to pay much more for their auto insurance premiums than the older ones because its a general thinking that their inexperience makes them more risky to insure.

  • Habits: An important factor yet again is where, when, and how you drive which effects the premiums. For example, the people who commute 50 miles to work everyday are more likely to pay more than those who only drive 40 miles a week. The logic behind this is that the more you drive, more are the chances that you’ll be involved in an accident.

  • Area: With the increasing population and accident statistics everything effects your auto insurance premium. For example, if you live in a metro such as New York, you’re likely to pay more for auto insurance in comparison if you reside in a more rural area of California.

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Drive Safely!

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