Want to Save Money in Your Car Maintenance? Make These Simple Tweak!

Want to Save Money in Your Car Maintenance? Make These Simple Tweak!

Want to Save Money in Your Car Maintenance? Make These Simple Tweak!

Everyone of us is looking for easy and simple ways to save money and do more with less. Thanks to the faltering economies being economical is the need of the hour. An area where we can save money is car fuel efficiency. Saving money is not the easiest thing to do especially if you’re driving a car.

People prefer buying the most fuel efficient car they can afford. Still whatever type of car you have, it has to be in the top condition over a period of time, and you can actually make it happen. All a person needs to do is plan their driving in order to be efficient in miles per trip and so according to the California DMV traffic school you need to drive smartly.

If you can afford a new car, and think its the right time to purchase. Many government programs out there are there to help you get better fuel efficient cars. For example, the federal tax credit program for purchasing fuel efficient cars. Try searching for different laws wherever you live, and also check out the government programs and tax credits pertaining to that state. Keep in mind your purchase should always emphasize on the fuel efficiency as well as what different features you like. Try bargaining who knows you may get an amazing deal.

If you have a car which is fuel efficient in nature, you should always take steps to keep it in the best shape ever so that your vehicle runs smoothly, the tires need to have the correct air pressure as well. A 29 or 30 pounds per inch works best for different car models. Checking your fuel filter to make sure that it is clear and clean is also recommended. The aforementioned things save you around 5-8% on fuel, be sure your car is regularly tuned up and the oil is changed. Anything wrong and not fixed on your car can effect your vehicle’s gas mileage. Driving aggressively also wastes gas and eventually leads to shelling more and more money at the service station. Keep your driving speed at 60-70 mph or even lower this can save an astonishing 20% on fuel.

Many a times a person doesn’t realize that the way they drive to a particular destination is not always the shortest route. Check a map and try to find the shortest route to your destinations. As saving miles lead into less frequent visits at the gas pump also consider the timing of trips.

Money Saving Car Maintenance Checklist

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind is that you stick to all these steps religiously!

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