4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Lower Your Car Insurance!

4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Lower Your Car Insurance!

4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Lower Your Car Insurance!

Car insurance is considered as one of the biggest monthly expenses a person needs to pay. According to a popular website the average premiums vary from state to state as some states have premiums at $1,000 while others have premiums over $2000. It was determined that the national average for the car insurance premium was around $1,500 or many vary according to state and country.

Following are the 4 Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance:

Lower Your Car Insurance

  • Insurance Stacking: If you buy various types of insurance from the same provider, or “stack,” you are most likely to receive a discount. Insurance companies nowadays want to have as more and more of your business as possible and the good thing is that they have no problem in offering discounts on multiple policies when you purchase additional policies with them. Based on the provider, the discount could be determined as a fixed amount of money rather than a certain percentage.

  • Discounts Related To Features and Accessories: Your car might have certain safety features such as anti-lock brakes along with side and passenger airbags, will your premium will be lower than a car without those features the answer is yes. Furthermore, your insurance rates can further be lowered by using an anti theft accessory such as a car alarm system. By reducing the risk for a car theft reduces the need to take an insurance claim, and therefore savings can be lowered. The amount of discount may vary from one provider to another, and you’ll need to ask them and make sure the alarm system you have are on their list of approved systems!

  • The Defensive Driving Course Discounts: A number of drivers have the option of completing either a defensive driver course or a driver’s education course based on their requirements. The defensive driving course discount from a place like Online Traffic School, DMV Traffic School CA can save you up to 8-10% on an insurance premium cool eh! After you’ve completed both of these courses the documents need to be sent to your insurance provider in order to get the discount. The discount received from the best online traffic school California qualified driver’s education courses depends on whether your policy cost is high or low. Generally, high cost full service policies offer up to 20% discounts, and low cost policies usually offer 5-10% discounts (figures may vary).

  • Exclusive Membership Discounts: A large number of car insurance companies offer exclusive membership discounts for the members of a certain groups such as Educational organizations, Military, Credit Unions, to name a few. Discounts and membership qualifications varies based on your insurance provider and the membership organization.


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