6 Ways To Keep Your Car In The Tip Top Condition!

6 Ways To Keep Your Car In The Tip Top Condition!

6 Ways To Keep Your Car In The Tip Top Condition!

Any person who owns a car knows how important it is for their life. You go to workplace, drive your children to school and parks, and go here and there without any hassle. Life without a car, would not only be bad but pathetic, once you are free or have a vacation or sometime left over you can enjoy.

Following are 6 ways from the California online traffic school to keep your car in the best condition ever:

Always Protect the Interior

Its a must to protect your car’s interiors from the sun, because its not your friendly ally when it comes to your car. Try putting a deflector screen on the front window, or try covering your interior with plastic. This can protect you from the harmful sun and UV rays as well.

Never Drive with Broken Taillights

It is always a must to change your taillights, why? For the simple reason that they are inexpensive when compared to most other maintenance but provide you to see in the night. Which is a must have for any car driver.

Keep a check on your Transmission and Oils

You needn’t change these fluids much often, on the other hand you need to keep getting your vehicle serviced at regular intervals. Make it a point to use the fluid and gear oil that is of the recommend type and good for your car.

Car Safety Tips

Remember to Flush your Fluids

Did you know your coolant needs to be changed once every year, and also flush your cooling system as per the recommendations or the tips given by the California DMV Certified Traffic School or the authorized person. Add a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant, as this can help in stopping the corrosion and keep the engine nice and running.

Keep the Important Parts Greased Up

Every car with can benefit from a good greasing because it prevents the parts from being jammed. The balls joints or ball bearing and other parts particularly need good lubrication.

Use Best Quality Tires Always

All tires have a specified life, make it a point to watch out for any punctures or wear and tear on your tires, as you might not be able to see the damage, but if your tires are having cracks then it might be time to buy yourself a new set of tires. It’s always better if we drive safe and this can only happen if you have tough tires.

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