8 Must-See Travel Destinations In Your Car!

8 Must-See Travel Destinations In Your Car!

8 Must-See Travel Destinations In Your Car!

Are the vacations around the corner? Whats better than spending the holidays at some exotic location, many of us might be planning where to spend our vacations? Where shall we go this year or what shall we do there? Most of us travel all the way to the country side to visit family and friends by air well is that a feasible option?

With the ever increasing costs of air flights, it is something which really burns a hole in your pocket, If you want to have fun and spend some quality time with your family? Then you should resort to going by you car, because traveling by car is cheaper than going by air. But traveling by a car has its own demands, which means that you need to think about your friends or family’s safety before and during the entire journey.

Always be proactive and be aware so that any problem can be avoided, as per the instructions by California DMV Certified Traffic School. Following are the 8 must see places by car:

  1. Monterey, California: A trip to the Monterey, California along the Pacific Coast Highway is filled with beautiful trees and vicinity. Monterey is a perfect place to stop for lunch, dinner, or the evening. Be sure to check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the view of the Pacific Ocean is refreshing.

  2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee: Gatlinburg is a combo of History, Natural Beauty, and Tourist attraction. Take the Highway 441, also known as the Newfound Gap Road, it will take you to smoky mountains, where you can pull over and enjoy the views.

  3. Portland, Oregon: East of Portland, along the Historic Columbia River Highway Scenic Byway, you’ll have an amazing ride with spectacular views. Go by your car and make a point to drive through this roadway.

  4. Devils Tower, Wyoming: Driving through the giant rock formation is quite the experience. Rural roadways wind through the countryside as “prairie dogs” pop up along the way to greet you.

  5. Key West, Florida: Without a doubt the trip from Miami to Key West is farther than most are willing to drive but it is worth the experience. You can go to Islamorada. which is quite popular for its sports fishing, “Theater of the Sea,” is also another place, where you can swim with the dolphins cool eh!

  6. Bryce Canyon: The hoodoos standing rock formations are the most popular attraction going by car means you can see many beautiful locations.

  7. The Badlands, South Dakota: Driving to the Badlands in South Dakota you’ll find the prairies full of bighorn sheep, bison, and black-footed ferrets, and many more that surround your vehicle. Pull over and explore many places.

  8. Mt. Washington, New Hampshire: Only 8 miles in all, the Mt. Washington Auto Road in New Hampshire takes only about a half hour to drive, it’s really a must see place. By car the roadway takes you to the highest peak in the region, hold your steering wheel tightly and enjoy the ride!

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