Does The Human Brain Be Effected By a Traffic Jam?

Does The Human Brain Be Effected By a Traffic Jam?

Does The Human Brain Be Effected By a Traffic Jam?

Have you ever thought what a traffic jam can do to you? Well to be honest many of us have never thought about it. And a growing concern which worries health experts is that a large volume of population is exposed to traffic jams and congestion and worse is its ill effects.

According to a recent study on the effects of traffic jam on human brain have really made people scared. The problem with daily commuters and people living in urban or crowded areas is that they are close to the sound and air pollution that is generated by either traffic jams or congestion. This highly prolonged exposure and proximity gravely impacts physical and mental health, sometimes even leading to DNA alteration!

The traffic exposes the human body to sound and air pollution. Not only that along with physical health, the detrimental effects of caused by noise and air pollution can also affect an individuals mental health. Many ailments like fatigue and common irritations are observed. The DMV Certified home study traffic school gives you great information about how a traffic jam can change your life from good to bad! According to a study in Netherlands, scientist have drawn a conclusion that a time period of as short as 90 days, is sufficient to alter the DNA of people. Meaning if you’re exposed for 30 minutes to traffic induced fumes it may lead to intensification of the electrical activity in the brain. Therefore, leading to alteration and deterioration of behavior and personality and in some cases deterioration of logic and decision-making, high levels of anxiety and stress!

The “Traffic Stress Syndrome”

Yes you’ve heard it right the “Traffic Stress Syndrome” is a syndrome, in which drivers who are affected from it get scared to the slow crawl of the traffic jam. Most cases where such drivers either see or experience a slow built up of traffic congestion, they automatically hit the panic button and go into a frenzy of panic modes, known as “time-bomb phenomena.” Some physical symptoms include, increased heart rate, headaches and nausea.

Furthermore, the defensive driving courses California the microscopic particles, came to know that if the fumes were inhaled by lab mice they suffered serious complications think of what they could do to us? Scientists and researchers have agreed that parents of unborn children pass down disturbed DNA to their kin, if they’re continuously exposed to traffic jams and similar surroundings for a time period which as short as 90 days!

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