Driving Hand Signals: There’s More To Them Than Meets the Eye!

Driving Hand Signals: There’s More To Them Than Meets the Eye!

Driving Hand Signals: There’s More To Them Than Meets the Eye!

Did you know hand signals are an essential and important part of driving?

As recommended by DMV Traffic School CA using these signals allows a driver to communicate his driving intentions without verbally saying anything while on the road. They were developed as an important tool for non-verbal communication so that there would be clarity in driving, and therefore safety is maintained. Interesting as it sounds, these hand signals are universal, and are used by Drivers be Bikers and Motorcyclists.

What this does is makes it simpler to understand and use them when need be. Even though these signals may differ from one country to the another, the most basic forms of signals are generally followed all over the world.

Left Turn

This signal is given to indicate that the car will be turning left.

Right Turn

This signal is given for indicating that the car will be turning right.

Stop/Slowing Down Signal

For indicate that the car is stopping or slowing down simply take your hand and lower them such that the palms is visible to the other drivers and they can be alert.

Obstacle Signal

This signal is given for indicating that there is an obstacle on the road, and so the driver needs to lowers its speed.

Most of the basic hand signals are the same in most countries. The difference lies in whether the country uses the right-hand drive or the left-hand drive. Along with the signals listed above, there are certain other signals which are also very culture-specific.

Many a times you make a sudden turn without giving the indicator, or even come to a sudden halt. In any such situation, if the distance between the two vehicles is not safe enough, there’s a possibility that the driver behind may be able to control the vehicle and collision may be prevented, which in many instances can lead to fatal conditions.

While these signals cover the basics, it is highly recommended that one always goes through the driver's handbook in accordance to the country, and, more importantly, the county or province you’re in, in order to always follow the right signals and maintain road safety.

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