Driving Laws For Texting!

Driving Laws For Texting!

Driving Laws For Texting!

Human beings have a default mechanism in their minds, due to which we are distracted that and time and again adjust our habits changed as as per their convenience. Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that the law always play a good role in discouraging car drivers from using cell phone while driving their cars.

Statistical data states that people using with their cell phones and the driving a car makes are bound to be distracted at one point or other and eventually at some point end up in an accident. According to the data by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety around 36.1% have admitted to read a text or an email while driving. More than 27.1% have admitted to have been typing or sending a text message or an email while driving.

Even more surprising, is the fact that 70-80% percent of drivers say that texting while driving is a very serious threat to safety, and 89% support the idea of outlawing it. In any case people don’t know what they are getting into when they text while driving; after all, distracted driving is responsible for a large number of casualties every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least 424,000 people were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers who were using their cell phones while driving. Despite this, people just can’t seem to resist the urge to use their cell phones even when they are on the highway.

Depending on every state, categorization of violation of texting may vary to a great extent. The traffic control officers in many states must have a suitable reason for stopping your vehicle before they cite they give you a ticket for using your cell phone while driving.

California DMV Certified Traffic School mentions that this behavior may further lead to breaking the speed barrier, rash or negligent driving, and defying other driving safety laws.

Now if we talk about teenagers more than 50% have accepted that they do are involved in texting while driving. Moreover, awareness about the dangers of using cell phones while driving must also be spread among the society. The governments of different states are imposing numerous driving laws to ensure the safety of people.

Stopping the use of cell phone while driving can be good at times, but will people abide by them over the due course. Drivers need to be given such technologies which will help them interact with others without getting distracted while driving. Well this is where a several apps, as everyone nowadays use apps, and this must be developed so that the person who is driving may inform the person on the call that her or she is busy driving.

This will not only eliminate complaints but you can also inform your family or friends that you’re driving.


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