Driving Tips to Keep You Safe During Winter!

Driving Tips to Keep You Safe During Winter!

Driving Tips to Keep You Safe During Winter!

Snow Snow everywhere despite of this you think of going out? Well you have to obviously you can’t sit home all day you’re sure to get bored. As most of the country is full of Snow, Sleet or Ice during winter driving really becomes a hassle. If you live in such regions which have snow all year round then following are some winter driving tips which can keep you safe:

  • Always check your tires and whether they are suited for the winter season. If you have the “all season tires in your vehicle they can be upgraded to much better “all weather tires or better yet “Snow Tires” which can give that extra traction you need.

  • Always clear your windshield and the rear window if it has snow, take time to clear off your hood and the roof. If there is snow on other parts of your vehicle it will blow back to your windows while you are driving.

  • Try to keep your windshield fluid filled and make sure you use fluid that contains anti-freeze to ensure its availability in cold weather.

  • Take your time instead of driving like a maniac take more time to get to your destinations in the winter season.

  • Always keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in snowy or icy conditions.

  • Never resort to cruise control in slippery conditions.

  • Remember, today’s ABS brakes will “pump” your brakes for you. So apply steady pressure while using the brakes. There is no need to pump them. Use your brake gently!

Well following these tips would be great but what if you get stuck in the snow, not to worry keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure your tires are pointed straightforward to minimize resistance when you move forward.

  • Try turning your wheels all the way to the right, and then all the way to the left to help clear the snow from your front tire.

  • If you still can’t move, try removing the snow in front of all the four tires. If you have any sand or gravel available, use it as it can add traction.

  • Gently apply pressure on the gas pedal to see if you can slowly move your way out.

  • Don’t spin your tires as it will only get you stuck deeper in the snow.

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