Got A Ticket? Know How Much It’ll Cost On Your Auto Insurance!

Got A Ticket? Know How Much It’ll Cost On Your Auto Insurance!

Got A Ticket? Know How Much It’ll Cost On Your Auto Insurance!

Tickets are inevitable to escape every now and then a person is prone to getting one isn’t it. Not only if you are a biker, you are liable to pay the fine for the ticket, if you break a rule and it counts against your driving school and will cause your car insurance premium to increase to a great extent. After all, your driving record is the most important factor that are responsible for what you’ll pay for your car insurance. This means that the more tickets you have more will be amount you’ll have to pay for your car insurance premium. If you get too many tickets you’ve guessed it right you could be in a difficult position.

Do you know how much does a single ticket increase your car insurance premium? A recent report analyzed nearly 600,000 policy quotes, just a single ticket can lead to a 20-22% increase in car insurance costs. Careless driving, for example, was found to be the leading factor which led to making the insurance premium increase to a great extent, while driving intoxicated accounted for a 18-19% average increase, driving without a license can cause a18 percent average increase and careless driving costs a 16 percent average increase. Joining a California DMV Certified Traffic School imparts all the right knowledge to the right person.

Penalties of Traffic Tickets!

How much traffic tickets boost insurance premiums (on yearly basis):

  1. Improper Turning and Passing which collectively costs 14% respectively.

  2. Reckless driving pay way for a citations at 22%

  3. Driving Without a License or Permit which comes to about 18-19%

  4. Careless driving is penalized at 16%

  5. Speeding at 30 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit 15%

  6. Failing to Stop: 15%

  7. Following too Closely costs around 13%

  8. Operating a Vehicle Without a Car Insurance by 6%.

Join DMV Certified Traffic School and See the Change In Your Driving Style!


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