Hear That Squealing Noise While Driving Your Car?

Hear That Squealing Noise While Driving Your Car?

Hear That Squealing Noise While Driving Your Car?

Have you ever heard a squealing noise in your car?

Now this might be happening particularly while you’re either accelerating or using the brakes while driving your car?

Now a squealing noise is basically caused by metal scraping on metal, maybe because of by any of the car parts, this happens because of wear and tear overtime. Apart from this it maybe because of a rubber or other polymer materials rubbing on metal.

Did you know a smoothly functioning car is like a finely tuned piano, and each of the mechanical parts working in harmony, and if every note falls in place, the end result is a smooth drive. On the other hand, if these tunes are out-of-sync the end result is an irritating squealing noise which annoys the best of us.

Despite being a very experienced driver, there maybe situations that are out of human control. Unforeseeable circumstances such as an abrupt change in the weather, sudden failure of the car mechanism, or the worst squealing noise, and even an accident, can make even the most veteran and prudent drivers think irrationally and drive unsafely. This is where California DMV Traffic School helps you learn how to drive defensively and drive safe and not only take care of yourself, but be responsible for the safety of your car and the other vehicles and passengers on the road.

One of the most common reason for squealing while driving is because of the worn out brake pads. When these pads have their upper surface scraped, the metal underneath is exposed, which causes the squealing when they come in contact with other surfaces. Another cause of the squealing might be stuck pins in the brake caliper assembly. Therefore, always make sure you get the brake system checked thoroughly for any such problems choose a high quality brake pads which will always last longer.

In many cases you may see that this squealing noise may be due to a worn out axle or the wheel bearing as well. The bearings act as a buffer between the axle and the wheel, when they wear out, which results in friction and ultimately leads to squealing. If left unchecked and ignored for a long time, this wheel bearing noise will eventually transform from being a squeal to a grinding sound!

Don't Ignore Squealing Noise

You should understand that every car model has its unique set of problems but squealing noise is one of the most common in all cars. Worn out brake pads or loose belts can easily be traced. So accordingly to the online traffic school California DMV certified with time, you get used to all the weird noises a car makes and so diagnosis becomes much easier. At cases where you’re unable to handle such problems, you need to consult an expert mechanic.

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