Stuck in a Traffic Jam? Do These Things Period!

Stuck in a Traffic Jam? Do These Things Period!

Stuck in a Traffic Jam? Do These Things Period!


Did you know “The world’s longest traffic jam happened in Beijing, China, in the year 2010 which lasted for about 11 days, and went on for about 60 miles. Locals sold food and water to the drivers 10 times the actual price!”

You might own a cool Mercedes or a Lamborghini but would you like being stuck in a traffic jam?

Sounds extremely frustrating right, what makes things worse if you’ve had a long, bad day at work, or if you’re of to somewhere. There’s no point cribbing right in the middle of all the traffic jam, right?

So instead do these things by California DMV Certified Traffic School when you’re stuck in traffic jam period:

1. Call a Buddy or your Girlfriend

Take this time to catch up with your friends, whom you haven’t spoken with for a long time. Doesn’t it seem like a good time to call them back sound clever right! If you’re away from your family, what can be a better time to catch up with your pals back home. Talk to your mother or your girlfriend. Make sure that you use your hands free to take and make those calls, try not to text You don’t want the cops catching you now do you?

2. Listen to Music

Turn on that radio and keep yourself entertained by listening to music. If you have a good playlist, plug your phone in, sit back, relax, and enjoy your time while you wait for the traffic to clear. Break the silence and commotion by singing the lyrics out loud. Yes, karaoke is what we’re talking about here! You can do this alone or with other people in the car too. It’ll make for a good practice for your karaoke nights! And if you’re lucky enough to get good people in the cars around you, they can join in too!

3. Read a Book or Newspaper

Are you a voracious reader and always carry a book along? Then a traffic jam is the best time to read a few pages, especially when you know that you’re not going to move ahead for the next few hours. Make sure you stay focused on the traffic too!

4. Play a Games or Solve a Puzzles

Aren’t traffic situations the best time to put your brains to use, rather than getting frustrated? With so much advancements in technology, you can now play ‘n’ number of games on your cell phone. They really come in handy when you are getting bored stuck in traffic. You can keep your mind off the traffic by indulging in some games or solving puzzles. You can try playing Sudoku and crosswords. Why not play I Spy, Road Trivia, Charades, Candy Crush etc.

5. Eat and Take Selfies

It’s Selfie Time!

Clicking pictures, especially selfies, seem to be the most popular way of killing time isnt it? Well you can do it when the traffic is crawling literally! Click and upload! Flaunt your new hairstyle or tattoo, and let the whole world know about your new obsession. Or better you eat something and enjoy your time too!

Never be bored in a Traffic Jam Use These Simple Tricks And Relax!


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