What if Mobile Phones Were Banned While Driving?

What if Mobile Phones Were Banned While Driving?

What if Mobile Phones Were Banned While Driving?

Your buddy has a broke jaw because you two were talking on phone while driving. He was hospitalized, thus making his life unpleasant and gloomy.

Well if this has happened to you then you should not be oblivious about the fact that driving while speaking on the phone can be deadly for you. So you should be happy you’re “Alive and Kickin,” but should your phone ring again while you’re driving, you might be on the verge of committing the same mistake your friend did. Well, the truth is, banning cell phones while driving may not prove useful, still how many of us have even thought of driving safely without resorting to the use of mobile phone?

Well that’s not hard to figure out, not many of us bother to think how precious life is. And so we delve in this act, there’s a saying, “Prevention is Better than Cure,” a person can simply refuse to pick up calls in order to avoid any kinds of distractions while driving. This ensures that there isn’t any room for error at all while driving. Research states, cell phones and driving are associated with cancer. Despite there isn’t any confirmation of this fact, still using cell phones is believed to lead to brain tumor and other related diseases.

Honestly speaking 0% risk while driving is possible, only if the driver knows about the traffic rules and regulations in detail which California DMV Traffic School helps in. Banning cell phones while driving sounds can be possible if people are responsible enough, and drive within the speed limits. Professionals such as Managers, Doctors and Government officials need to have their cell phone on and use them even while driving for their official and business purposes, and in this case banning cell phones is indeed insane. Now if the usage of cell phones is banned while driving, the companies manufacturing Bluetooth headsets and hands-free devices will be flourishing! Being distracted is upon the driver, and not something to be enforced by the law.

As everyone isn’t perfect at driving, still if people get proper driver education from Cheap Traffic School’s they can really improve their driving. The risk increases for people, especially teenagers and adults, who are texting while driving, and thinking of themselves as the coolest souls on the face of the earth. Some people resort to using hands-free headsets as a substitute to cell phones but is that safe? Well that depends on person to person of how they keep the accidents at bay, but they should realize that it’s not the cell phone that’s the enemy it’s the distraction that’s the real enemy!

Stay Focused While Driving!

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