Who Is The Better Driver Men or Women?

Who Is The Better Driver Men or Women?

Who Is The Better Driver Men or Women?

Well here we go again, yes we aren’t being biased but this is a very profound debate going on since eons to find out who are the worst drivers, are they men or women. Well if you guessing don’t because the answer is “depends from person to person.” According to a recent survey drivers following were some of the findings.

Here are some interesting results:

Contrary to the common belief, statistics show that men are not the best drivers on the road. All men believe they can drive better than females and could never cause an accident.

But do facts lie? No they don’t, men are considered to be at a very high risk in the eyes of many auto insurance companies. This has been proven over and over again that men are likely to get into an accident, sometimes more fatal, than a female driver.

It is usually males between the ages of 18 to 25 years old that are at a higher risk of getting into an auto accident. Men in this group tend to drive faster, showing off in front of everyone, therefore, putting everyone around them in danger as well. They’re even the highest group at getting traffic citations, which can be avoided if they take a Defensive Driving Courses California.

Insurance companies see young male drivers as more aggressive; and at times complacent on the road. They disobey the laws by speeding, not wearing a seat belt, driving recklessly, etc. Ultimately meaning that this group of drivers is charged higher auto insurance premiums.

Statistics show that women are at a lower risk category in all areas regarding accident, deaths, traffic citations, etc. Therefore, their insurance premiums are comparatively lower than the male drivers in the same age group.

Following the general protocol of safe driving and avoiding reckless driving can help these young men to lower their auto insurance premium. They could take some sort of driving class from California DMV Certified Traffic School either for safety or reducing their insurance premium.

Many insurance companies offer discounts if the driver goes in for a DMV Certified Traffic School. These courses can be taken online for a nominal fee which can help in insurance rate reduction (from 5 to 15% discount) and the course is available to both men and women!

Be a better Driviner!

So The Next Time You Drive! Drive Safe!

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